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Service Concepts

Service Concepts has a long history of providing sustainable, comprehensive solutions for heating and air-conditioning, ventilation, dehumidification, refrigeration, and other environmental control systems. Our "Service First" approach is based on understanding the unique needs of the industries, institutions, and individuals we serve.

Our team of highly skilled, highly trained technicians prides itself on delivering friendly, safe, efficient, and cost-effective service to all of our clients. Everything we do is driven by our desire to be your "go to" company, and to earn your confidence and trust on every call.


From basement furnaces to rooftop units, Service Concepts has your heating system covered. We install, service, and maintain all major brands, and we can improve the efficiency of just about any...
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Air Conditioning

We sell, install, and service a wide variety of air conditioning equipment, including rooftop units. Whatever your air conditioning needs, you can always be certain that our recommendations are ...
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A lack of regular and seasonal maintenance of refrigeration equipment is the number one reason for poor performance. Regular cleaning of condenser coils and evaporators can cut down dramatically ...
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Service Concepts has experience will all types of ventilation equipment, including exhaust fans, exhaust hoods, return and makeup air systems, and specialty exhaust systems. We install and maintain ...
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Proper humidity is key to maintaining a comfortable environment. Steam generation systems are an integral part of many commercial environmental control systems, and Service Concepts knows how to ...
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Service Concepts is an authorized service shop for dehumidification equipment. We service all makes, including Decrtron, Dryotron, and Desert Aire. Hotels, schools, and other facilities with ...
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No Problem.

Our team is on call 24/7 to provide you the same standard of great service around the clock.


Useful tips to help keep your heating and cooling costs down. Maintenance
None of us would think of changing our oil only every 20,000 miles, or of letting our roof leak until the water was ankle deep in our living room. But many of us let problems with our heating and air-conditioning systems slide that can be just as costly. A dust-clogged filter or a malfunctioning thermostat can cost you money everyday, and major equipment repairs are often a consequence of poor maintenance.


"Service Concepts handles the service on our air makeup system. Russ and his team are total professionals. They are always on time and efficient, and they are detail oriented. We almost never have a call back on work they have done for us. Russ also treats us like friends. We occasionally so some of our own service work, and he is always generous when we call with a question. I’d recommend Service Concepts to a friend—in fact I have, several times."
Todd Bray