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Commercial A/C - Air Conditioning

We sell, install, and service a wide variety of air conditioning equipment, including rooftop units. Whatever your air conditioning needs, you can always be certain that our recommendations are aimed at providing you with the maximum return on your investment.

While standards like the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating are important, one number can’t tell the whole story. For instance, we help you understand the relationship between R.O.I. and energy efficiency ratings so you can determine whether to repair or replace your equipment. We can show you how to make even an older unit more cost effective by installing Direct Digital Controls that will automatically adjust your thermostat in accordance with your schedule.

Service Concepts also makes sure you are aware of the cost of maintaining a particular system over time, so there are no surprises years down the road.

Service Concept’s ability to understand the big picture, your big picture, makes us the smart choice for all your HVAC needs.

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Useful tips to help keep your heating and cooling costs down. Maintenance
None of us would think of changing our oil only every 20,000 miles, or of letting our roof leak until the water was ankle deep in our living room. But many of us let problems with our heating and air-conditioning systems slide that can be just as costly. A dust-clogged filter or a malfunctioning thermostat can cost you money everyday, and major equipment repairs are often a consequence of poor maintenance.


"I’ve been with the School District for 21 years, and with 500,000 square feet under roof, we do a lot of work in house. Russ and his crew at Service Concepts is the only outside provider we go to for HVAC. Schools are always watching the taxpayers’ money, and Service Concepts' billing is always accurate and easy to understand. There are never any hidden charges. I trust Service Concepts to come and do the job well and in accordance with their estimates. We’re never afraid to use them."
Jim S