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About Service Concepts Inc.

Service Concepts has a combined 40 years of experience in providing sustainable, comprehensive solutions for heating and air-conditioning, ventilation, dehumidification, refrigeration, and other environmental control systems. Our Service First approach is based on understanding the unique needs of each client. Individual homeowners, schools, hotels, government facilities, multi-unit dwellings, and a variety of industries depend on Service Concepts to keep their environmental control systems operating dependably and efficiently.

From a simple repair or maintenance call to the complex demands of replacing an entire system, Service Concepts is focused on providing solutions tailored to your situation. We understand the specialized requirements for working in inhabited dwellings and continuously operating commercial facilities, as well as the demands of new, “green,” and industry-specific installations.

We promise clear, understandable quotes, without hidden charges; quick response; and service aimed at exceeding your expectations.

The Service First Approach:

  • Know your client’s needs
  • Provide a solution that fits the client’s needs
  • Provide a clear, accurate assessment of costs, time frame for completion, and options
  • Complete the work on time and according to the highest professional standards
  • Take responsibility for your work
  • Don’t just do the job—build a relationship

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Useful tips to help keep your heating and cooling costs down. Maintenance
None of us would think of changing our oil only every 20,000 miles, or of letting our roof leak until the water was ankle deep in our living room. But many of us let problems with our heating and air-conditioning systems slide that can be just as costly. A dust-clogged filter or a malfunctioning thermostat can cost you money everyday, and major equipment repairs are often a consequence of poor maintenance.


"We call Service Concepts for all of our HVAC service—heater, air, chiller, tower. I’ve dealt with Russ for years. In fact, I was the one who brought Service Concepts in as our service company, because I knew they would do a great job for us. They just work well with people. Russ’s quotes are easy to understand, and he answers any questions you might have. I’ve got his cell number, and I know I can reach him any time, night or day. We have recommended his company to others on numerous occasions. I can’t say enough about the great relationship we have with Russ and Service Concepts."
Tom Dean